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The Secret Life Of Garage Doors

Did you know your garage door probably travels upwards of a thousand miles a year? Just up and down, playing its part of the daily hustle like a trusty steed from an old Western.

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It’s kind of like the unsung hero of your home front, tirelessly lifting and lowering without a fuss—until, well, there is a fuss.
And here’s another bit that might flip the lid on your understanding of these domestic drawbridges:
The world’s heaviest garage door weighs a whopping 4 tons! It’s out in Florida, handling hurricanes like a champ. Makes me wonder if it ever gets tired of showing off to its lighter, less Herculean garage door friends.

We don’t usually give much thought to our garage doors, do we? They’re like the big, quiet guy at a party who’s actually a wizard on the guitar but no one’s bothered to ask. The thing is, these panels of convenience are marvels of engineering, with designed parts all working in perfect unison to make your day just that much smoother.
But it’s not all about the brawn; it’s the beauty too. A well-crafted garage door can add that dash of curb appeal that has neighbours pausing mid-jog to appreciate. It’s like putting a bow tie on your home—it says, ‘Yeah, I’ve got style and I’m not afraid to show it.’

Whether you’re in the market for a garage door makeover or your current door just needs some TLC, we’re here for it.
So if this message reminded you that it’s time to get some maintenance done on your garage door…
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