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Most Garage Doors Are Weaklings

Have you ever had a garage door go kaput on you?…
It’s a real pain, isn’t it? Trapped cars, missed appointments, and a wide-open gateway to your home—literally. Well, I’ve got news that’ll lift more than just your garage door. Keep reading.

Most garage doors use standard springs. These wind-up and wind down about ten thousand times. Sounds like a lot, right? It’s not.

Torsion Spring Replacement 02

Here at Lift Tech, we’ve upped the game. We swapped these basic springs for something sturdier. We call it the Lift Tech Ultra Cycle. It handles 80,000 cycles!

Why does this matter? With usual springs, you’ll replace them faster than your morning coffee gets cold. And every time they break, they stress your garage motor and door. It’s like a domino hitting your wallet every time they snap.

Imagine a spring that lasts as long as you own your home. Covered by a lifetime warranty—now that’s peace of mind. Invest once, and it’s one less headache forever. You could change your garage door motor or repaint your house several times over before needing to worry about these springs.

So if you plan to enjoy your home for years to come, it’s a no-brainer. Opt for the best, and let’s keep your garage door rolling smoothly.
Book Now!“, and let’s make your garage door the least of your worries.